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Nostalgic Distortion is an indie powerpop/punk/rock'n'roll band/studio-project established in 1994 and based in Plymouth, New Hampshire.


The Spaghetti Accident?
Listen to the song "Secret" below

Bad Little Monkey

H.I.C.K. (Heavily Intoxicated College Kids)

Nostalgic Distortion is an independent, D.I.Y., powerpop/punk/rock'n'roll band/project that was founded in 1994 by a group of college friends on the campus of Plymouth State University in Plymouth, New Hampshire.

Bassist/vocalist Ryan Byrne asked a few friends to help him record a demo of some of his original songs. After the demo was recorded, the project evolved into a live band that would remain active for the next 10 years, playing small pubs, clubs, and bars throughout New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont and Massachusetts, and self-releasing three albums on their own vanity label, Dissonance Records.

Though things like college, careers, and families have always relegated Nostalgic Distortion (ND) to weekend-warrior/side-project status, listeners from around the world have been able to find ND's music, thanks to college radio, internet radio, and commercial radio shows that feature independent/unsigned artists.

In October of 2004, Ryan moved to Nashville, Tennessee to explore some other musical opportunities, thus bringing ND's decade-long tenure as a live-performance entity to a close. However, ND still continues to exist in the same manner in which it was born, as a studio project. Ryan and long-time ND guitarist/vocalist Tim Hazelton have lots of old and new material that they still plan to record and release, and even have plans for occasional live performances.

Ryan's primary musical engagement these days is that of bassist for country/southern-rock artist, Stephen Cochran. Tim is a public-school music educator, happily married to his college sweetheart and raising a wonderful family. Tim continues to write songs, record demos, and perform solo acoustic sets at various local functions and open-mic nights.

Whenever possible, Ryan enjoys making the journey back to New Hampshire, writing and recording with Tim, and coordinating ND shows when schedules allow.

Nostalgic Distortion
Quality powerpop/punk/rock'n'roll since 1994


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Ryan Byrne: Bass/Vox
Tim Hazelton: Guitar/Vox
TBA (Varies): Drums

Previous "Live Band" Line-Ups:

Ryan Byrne: Bass/Vox
Tim Hazelton: Guitar/Vox
Marc Sheehan: Drums

Ryan Byrne: Bass/Vox
Tim Hazelton: Guitar/Vox
John Viar: Drums
Recording credits this line-up:
The Spaghetti Accident? - released 2002

Ryan Byrne: Bass/Vox
Tim Hazelton: Guitar/Vox
*ech: Drums
*ech filled in for several months while ND looked for a new permanent drummer.
Recording credits this line-up:
**Bad Little Monkey - released 1997
**track 7 only

Ryan Byrne: Bass/Vox
Tim Hazelton: Guitar/Vox
John Girouard: Drums
Recording credits this line-up:
*Bad Little Monkey - released 1997
*all tracks except 7

(The incarnation of ND as a live-performance band)
Ryan Byrne: Bass/Vox
Chris Peters: Guitar/Vox
Tim Hazelton: Guitar/Vox
John Girouard: Drums

Original "Studio Project" Line-Up

(Embryonic ND: The original studio project line-up on the first demo)
Ryan Byrne: Bass/Vox
Eric Dussault: Guitar
John Girouard: Drums
Recording credits this line-up:
H.I.C.K. - released 1995

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